What is an Alternative Service Provider?

Dialect Telecom is a BT Wholesaler; an  alternative service provider to BT Retail.

We buy our landline services at wholesale prices, sharing part of our  discount with our customers, which enables us to offer huge savings.

Switching to Dialect Telecom

What will change?

Switching to Dialect couldn’t be more  simple.   There won’t be any disruption  to your lines, you will keep all of your telephone numbers and services, which  are transferred on a like for like basis providing they were supplied by the  BT network).   It is simply an accounting  change whereby Dialect will be charged for your lines on your behalf, rather  than your existing provider, and your invoice will come from Dialect, at a reduced  rate.   Dialect manages your BT lines for  you, we have a direct portal to BT Open Reach.

Is there a charge for changing to Dialect Telecom?

Dialect doesn’t charge for switching your  lines to us.

When are invoices sent and how do I pay?

Our invoices are emailed to you monthly,  which helps you to budget for a monthly charge and spread the cost evenly  throughout the year.    Line rental and  service charges are billed one month in advance (rather than per quarter as BT  Retail normally does) and calls are billed one month in arrears.  Customers pay by Direct Debit.

Can I also switch digital ISDN lines to you?

Yes, you can switch analogue, multi-lines  and digital lines.

I am in a contract, can Dialect Telecom help?

If you think you are in a contract, it is  worth checking with your existing provider, then we can discuss your options  with you.

I work from home, can you switch me over?

Yes, businesses based at home can still  benefit from our excellent savings.

Does Dialect charge a connection charge?

No, Dialect doesn’t charge a connection  charge for your calls, unlike some other telecoms Companies.   We simply charge per second for calls.

Does Dialect round up our calls?

No, Dialect doesn’t round up any calls you  make, we simply charge per second for calls.

Is there a minimum call charge with  Dialect?

Our minimum call charge is 1p.

Does Dialect do call packages or call  plans?

No, we find with businesses that their call  demands often change, at peak times, at quiet times, at holiday times, when  staff members are off sick, etc therefore call packages are only suitable for the months that the same amount of calls are made.  We find that charging Customers only for what  they use, at a cost effective rate, they will save more money per month.

Can Dialect install new lines?

Yes, with access to the BT Open Reach  portal, we can book new line installations there and then, and will offer you  the soonest appointment available.

Does Dialect do Broadband Packages and can  broadband be added to a new line install?


We have various packages available to you and advise which is the best  one for you. We give you the likely  speeds you should expect from your broadband line, rather than an ‘up to’ speed which is unachievable.

Do you also provide routers?

Yes we can supply you with a pre-configured  router, or alternatively we can provide the configuration details so that you  can use your own router.