VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems have the quality & benefits of a traditional phone system but with the added bonus of being flexible & portable.  You can take your VoIP phones to different locations, to still show your office telephone number.

Ideal for remote workers or for Companies when they move premises. Even when you move to a different telephone exchange or County, you still take your Business Telephone number with you!  Another huge advantage is that our VoIP Phone System is future proof. Enhancements to the system are updated overnight, benefiting the Customer without any interruption during business hours.


Benefits of VoIP

  • Reliable, secure system to  ensure a call is never missed
  • Ability to port existing  telephone numbers
  • Ideal for remote workers
  • Call forwarding, divert,  barring & hunt groups
  • Music on hold
  • Staff productivity & Call monitoring reports
  • Time based routing
  • Quick glance call log
  • Conference Calling
  • Failover for disaster recovery
  • Any geographical std code
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call recording
  • Call Queuing
  • Voicemail on each Cisco handset
  • Voicemail to text/email alert
  • Company & Personal address books
  • Ability to expand with additional handsets
  • Shared Mail Boxes
  • Short Code dialling
  • Free calls between VoIP handsets wherever their location
  • Busy Line Monitoring Console available
  • Events Calendar prompts
  • Click to dial
  • Staff training
  • Constant review of account & full account support
  • Future Proof

For more information on VoIP, please contact:

T: 01604 212258

E: info@dialecttelecom.com