Fax to Email

Fax to Email and Email to Fax

Ever had a fax picked up by a colleague by mistake or one go missing with no one owning up?

Ever had a confidential fax read by someone else or needed to receive one while out of the office?

Ever not been able to receive faxes because the line is busy or you have run out of paper?

With ever increasing costs of printer cartridges, paper & fax machines, E-Fax is the best way of reducing your expenses.

You can choose a geographical or non-geographical fax numbers, in order to send and receive faxes via your email account. You are not restricted like you would be with a fax machine to receive the fax to one location; instead you can specify an unlimited number of recipients email addresses to receive the same fax. You can also send faxes from more than one email address.

One of the biggest assets to this facility is the ability to easily store and backup received faxes. This can lead to increased retention of important data and accountability within an organisation. The system is also ideal for marketing; enabling you to send the same fax to a large number of recipients at the click of a button.

Files accepted: Microsoft Word (doc), Microsoft Excel (xls), Adobe pdf (pdf), TIFF Images including multipage (tiff), Jpeg (which will be resized/auto-rotated to fit the page)

For more information on Fax to Email services, please contact:

T: 01604 212258

E: info@dialecttelecom.com