Business Broadband & Fibre

Business Broadband – ADSL 2+ Fibre (Super Fast Broadband)

We provide fast and reliable business broadband packages.  Our packages are all designed for Businesses therefore are of high quality and have small contention ratios (a lower number of other Businesses using them at the same time).

You have seen BT advertise ‘Infinity’, we can supply super fast broadband to you, if your local exchange is enabled.

Fibre optic broadband offers the fastest online experience with speeds up to 10 times faster than with traditional broadbands, meaning you can enjoy a faster online experience with no interruptions.

Fibre optic broadband works by sending information as pulses of light through individual optical fibres.

Compared to ADSL which transmits down copper wires, fibre optics have less interference, keep the signal strength over much greater distances and operate at a higher frequency range. Higher frequency means greater bandwidth, and greater bandwidth means faster connection speeds.

Give us a call to check if and when you will be enabled!

EFM  (Ethernet in the  First Mile)

A highly resilient copper-based Ethernet service capable of  carrying high bandwidth connections of up to 35mbps into your premises with the  need for an end to end fibre Ethernet circuit.


High speed end to end fibre connections at up to 1gbps  enabling you to have a cost effective connection between your Company’s sites  for you to exchange large volumes of voice and data.

Leased Lines

Direct fibre connection to the internet providing guaranteed  upload and download speed, solely for your use.  Leased lines are extremely  resilient, have dedicated speeds and very fast fix times.   They create a private connection between you  and the network, making your data more secure.

You will choose how fast you want your connection to run at  present, and secondly what type of bearer you want, this will govern if you can  have extra speeds in the further without further installations. This is something we can talk through with  you.

For more information on Business Broadband & Fibre products, please contact:

T: 01604 212258